Thursday, February 26, 2015

College is a Balancing Act

So you are getting ready to graduate from High School and graduate into the wonderful world of freedom, fun and most importantly: College!

College makes you learn so much. I am sure most of you probably were thinking "well duh, it's school.", but it makes you learn so much more. You learn about yourself, friendships, life, and of course, your major.

You'll get more freedom than you know what to do with, and that'll be great, and a little scary. Learning how to manage the new-found freedom, school, and maybe even a part time job is where is becomes a problem. My freshman year, I ate way more midnight meals, saw way too many late night drives, walks and talks, and met some really awesome friends. I made the deans list first semester, but second semester I bit off more than I could chew and didn't do as spectacular. My grades were still awesome, but not as awesome as they could have been.

College is a big balance beam. You have to balance the things you get involved in, the time with your friends, and time to study and do well. My advice is, get involved, but do it slowly. Join a club, get used to being involved in it, and if you still have time join something else. College is the time to try new things, stay up late, and enjoy being a young adult. Do those things, but still make time for the library and the study groups.

Your freshman year of college, unlike high school, is one of the best years of your life. Live it up, study hard, and learn as much as you can about as many things as you can!!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

What am I Doing with my Life?

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The scariest part (we think) of going to college is picking a major. You get out of high school, and all of the sudden the entire world is pressuring you to make huge decisions about your future and one of the biggest is your career path.

I have known since high school what I wanted to do, and that has always been nursing. I know for some it isn't that easy, but I chose nursing for many reasons.

In High School, we had this program called Health Academy. Basically, you applied for it your 8th grade year, and then throughout high school you could explore emergency medicine, dentistry, or nursing. I chose the nursing path, and became a Certified Nursing Assistant before I graduated. I got to experience clinicals, get an intro into anatomy, and learn skills like teamwork and patience that I would need in a professional career. I realized that I have the heart for it and it is something I could see myself doing for the long run.

While it can't be that easy for everyone, I have a little advice. Do some research. Take some random intro classes and feel out what you want to do. Most importantly, make sure you do something that makes you happy, and YOU only. You are the one who has to do it for the rest of your life.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Why I Chose South!

For me, College decisions were really tough. At first, I was dead set on attending the University of Alabama, and I was so excited. One day, My best friend mentioned something about South. Since my parents weren't too keen on me going out of state to school, they told me I could apply to both South and Alabama, but with that, I had to choose two schools in Florida as well.

October of my Senior year, there was a day similar to USA Day, but at Alabama, and we also scheduled a tour at South. That weekend, I realized that Alabama sounded good, but it was just way to big for this small town girl. I didn't feel comfortable, and I was really intimidated. I couldn't get past the fact that it just didn't feel like home, and I didn't feel like I could really make my life there.

When I came to South, I was blown away with how different it felt. I could see myself going to classes there, and I could see myself living on campus. South was smaller, and way less intimidating than Alabama. I loved that I could picture myself on campus, and from that day on I knew it was my home. I came for USA Day in February, and if it was even possible, I felt more at home than I had before. When we were on the way home, my parents told me that they could make it happen as long as I applied for all the scholarships I could.

I couldn't be happier with my decision to move here to mobile, or to attend South. Since being here I have had so many wonderful opportunities that I wouldn't trade for the world, and have accomplished so many things. I am so proud to be a Jaguar!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The not so Scary First Week of Class!

Every year, no matter what grade you're in, you always get nervous for the first day of school. So you're probably even more nervous about the first day of school at a University, because lets face it, for many of you, you're not just starting at a new school, but in a new city. For me, I was 6 hours away from home and no one else from my school decided on South. My advice is this:

1). Find an orientation buddy, and stick with them. find someone in your major and make sure you have a class or two (or in my case all) with them. That way you know a person in your classes and you won't be totally alone.

2). Know where you are going before you wake up for your first class. I went the Sunday before classes and found all my buildings and figured out how to walk there. It really helped the first day when I went to go to class.

3). Don't freak out. The first week of classes are always the easiest (for most), and too much stress can cause you not to have a good week. Make sure you have something fun planned for that weekend to kinda release the tension and stress from starting somewhere new, and to celebrate that you survived the first week!

The first week of classes is always the scariest, but you'll feel right at home before you know it!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Roomies 4 lyfe

When I decided to go to South, I was from out of state, and I was one of few going out of state, and was the only one who was going to USA. I was terrified about finding a roommate in time, and I was even more terrified of random roommates. I heard about the Jaguar Roommate Connection, and a few days later I saw a paragraph from a girl who lived about an hour from south, and seemed pretty nice. Little did I know, 2 years later, I would have one of my very best friends, and an amazing roommate. Hannah and I have been inseperable basically since I drove to Disney to meet her in June before my freshman year. We had been talking since march of that year, and I think that we both pretty much knew we would be perfect roommates. She decided that she was going to Disney for her 18th birthday, and  I only lived two hours from there. I drove down one night and met her for supper in Downtown Disney and ended up staying the night in the condo she was renting. I know it seems pretty weird that I stayed the very first night we met in person, but even that night we talked and talked, and I think we were already the best of friends. From then, we counted down the days till move in day and haven't been apart more than a few weeks since. We decided to join the same sorority, and we tackled all of our tough classes together. Late night food runs, Gossip Girl marathons, laughing till 3 in the morning reminiscing memories, and road trips together made these last two years of College the best. We just kind of work. My college experience would not have been the same at all if  I hadn't decided to check out that page. Even now, her family is my family away from home, and I couldn't be more blessed by the fact that I have a home away from my real home that's 12 hours away. Some people don't work with their first roommates, but if you do, make sure you keep living with them. I love that fact that she has been the person I experienced my first two years of college life with, and I can't wait to see where college takes us the next few years! 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Count Your Blessings One by One

It's officially the holiday season, and I don't know about y'all, but it is my most favorite time of year. Thanksgiving and Christmas just have this wonderful feeling associated with them. Also this time of year really makes us realize all the amazing things that we have to be thankful for. For me, there is so much that I am thankful for that I wouldn't have if it weren't for South.

First, I am extremely thankful for my job on campus. I was fortunate enough to be selected to work in the Communication Center my second semester at South, and this job has done wonders for me. I have made some really awesome friends, been able to help and interact with future Jags, and provide insight into the things I have learned while being a student here. 

Second, I am thankful for the friends that turned into family. Since being at South, I have met so many wonderful people. Since joining Alpha Gamma Delta last October however, I have met four wonderful ladies who I have become nearly inseparable from. We are each other's family here at college, and I couldn't imagine it any other way. From family dinners, to having mental breakdowns (because college is hard sometimes), to just laughing until our stomachs ache; I can always count on them to lift me up. I don't think I could have been blessed with better people to keep me grounded while i'm 12 hours from home, and I don't think any other group of friends would be this near and dear to my heart. This year, I am unable to go home for Thanksgiving, and one of my friend's family invited to their place to celebrate. I couldn't be happier with the fact that there is always someone I can turn to either in the Sorority, or just in my tight group of friends. College is all about bettering yourself and making friendships that will last far past your college years. I am so grateful for mine, and know they will be beside me always. 


Lastly, I am thankful for all of the amazing programs here at South. I am fortunate enough to be a part of the Early Acceptance for Nursing program, meaning that I already have a seat in Nursing school even though I am still taking prerequisites. In addition to that, all of our departments have wonderful professors and faculty who want nothing more than for you to succeed. I am also very proud and thankful that our Football program decided to make a little boy who is sick very happy by signing him onto the Football team as an honorary player. He was able to cheer on the Jags from the sideline and hang out with the players, and they treated him wonderfully. Some of the players even went and surprised him at school and ate lunch with him. I am so proud to call myself a Jaguar and I couldn't imagine spending my college years anywhere else! 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Place to Be!

If I had to choose my favorite spot on campus, it would probably be the Bell Tower. It's a great place to relax and hang out when school is just getting to be a little too much. It's also a good spot to sit and enjoy the pretty weather and just get away. I instantly loved the Bell Tower from the first time I visited campus, and last year during formal it was the first place we tried to take pictures (even though the sun didn't seem to cooperate). It has just always been my go to spot on campus, and I think it's one of the best features of our campus. Not to mention, have you seen it all lit up at night? It's gorgeous. Our entire campus is really pretty, but I don't think much compares to how the Bell Tower looks at night time.