Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What's Free Time?

When I built my schedule for my first fall semester here at South, I really had no idea what I was doing. I made a schedule full of long gaps, friday class, and so much free time. With the way my schedule was built I couldn't really find a place to work with my hour availability. So my first semester I found myself with tons and tons of free time. This led to multiple naps a day, Netflix all night, and late-night waffle house runs. 

I was the type of person that was super involved in high school and worked part time, so unfortunately I had no free time at all. Every minute of my day was planned out, and to be completely honest, that's how I liked it. Coming here and not getting involved in anything really made things tough, and also made it easy to be lazy. 

Halfway through my first semester here, I was going stir crazy. I needed something to do, that involved getting up and going somewhere. Most days I didn't even get ready, my hair was thrown up in a ponytail and I didn't wear any makeup. I ended up joining a sorority, which helped a lot, and kept me pretty busy, but not as busy as I would have liked. 

Second semester rolled around, and I picked up a part time job a few days a week, and that helped a little bit more. I actually had a reason to use my planner, and I was pretty busy, however I still wasn't satisfied with my schedule. 

This fall, I took a Vice President position in my sorority, and also started working more hours at work, and also got involved with a few more organizations here on campus. As it stands now, most of my days start at 8am and end around 9pm. I am constantly going, and that is exactly how I like it. I gradually got more involved each semester I have been here, and I honestly couldn't imagine having it any other way. My grades have stayed high, I am meeting more people and making more friends then I ever thought I would, and I have a lot of structure, which is something I need. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Friends, Fun and Football!

My favorite football memory coincidentally happens to fall on parents weekend of last year. It was the first South football game I ever went to, and to this day it's still my favorite. When I came to South freshman year, My roommate and I became best friends almost instantly (and are still roommates and best friends to this day), and a girl I met at orientation became a good friend of ours too. We called ourselves the "trio", and we were excited to cheer on the jags together. I remember we had a great time just watching all the people act crazy, and we laughed and joked about the things we saw in the stands. During the fourth quarter of the game, we left and went to Baumhower's wings and ate dinner and had a good time with my parents. For weeks after that game, we laughed and talked about it, and were excited to go back to more home games. That weekend started my love for Jaguar Football, and I am so excited for the Mississippi State game!

Hannah, Alli and I at the parents weekend game last year!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Moving Out and Moving Forward

The transition from High school to a University is HUGE. Going from a small town to a city, leaving old friends for new ones, and most importantly: leaving your family for better opportunities. I went through all these things, and I can honestly say, it was rough. While it was rough though, it was worth it.

Back home in my small town, I had gone to school with the same group of people since the fourth grade. My main group of friends and I did everything, and I mean EVERYTHING together. Prom shopping, weekends away, weekends around town; you name it. I had always known after senior year that I was leaving, but I didn't realize how far away I was going until my senior year.

I decided on South Alabama right after attending USA Day in October of 2012. When I decided I was heading to mobile the next fall, my parents decided they were moving to North Carolina. So, instead of being 6 hours away from them, all of the sudden I was going to be 12. That in itself was just as hard to take as leaving my friends.

As my senior year came to an end, I was readier than ever to begin my new adventure in Mobile. However, I never expected my move to take me so many places. Just in one year I have managed to get and hold a part-time job that I love, keep my grades high, and make friends that turned into family. The opportunities that South has presented to me, and that I have found around Mobile are greater than anything I expected when I pulled out of my driveway last August.

I may not get to see my family too terribly often, or go home to my hometown like most kids do when they go home from school, but I couldn't be happier with my decision to come and make South my home. So anyone who is worried about the tough transition from senior to freshman, just know that what you'll find when you get here will be greater than you ever imagined and don't be afraid to jump out of your comfort zone and go for things you never thought you would. College is about making your own way, and South definitely makes it easy to do!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Little About Me!

Hey future Jaguars! My name is Rebecca and i'm a sophomore here at the University of South Alabama! I am a Nursing major and i'm hoping to start nursing school next fall! Some of my favorite things are Disney movie nights, spur of the moment road trips, singing, and hanging out with friends! I am a member of Alpha Gamma Delta, and I also hold a part time job as a Jag Guide! I am from a small town in Florida called Crystal River, which is along the Gulf Coast. It's not a very well known place, but we are commonly recognized for our manatees. Growing up in a town on the water, it's pretty much inevitable that I love going to the beach or going out on the boat. I love that here at South we are only a little ways from the beach, so I can go pretty much anytime I want. I can't wait to see what kind of opportunities come my way this year at South, and I look forward to talking to you all this year!